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I believe anyone can write quotes - like songs - they speak volumes about the writer. I hope you will be inspired to write some of your own.

I pledge to you that all of the sayings on this page are "originals", and have not been taken from other sources.

I will add new pearls as long as life continues to engage me.

Below are the quotes. I hope you will like them.






"It's a sad irony that the majority of the hugs and kisses a human being will ever receive in his or her life will occur in the first few years, and that all of those wonderful moments will not even be remembered".


"When two people can disagree with each other - and it's comfortable, then you have a friendship".


"With leaders named Bush, Dick and Colin running the show, its little wonder Saddam didn't take us seriously".


"The test of talent is how you play the game the first time, not after you've practiced".


"The world is full of talented people who don't think so".


"The 100/50 rule: We are 100% responsible and at least 50% to blame".


"The key to happiness is self-control".


"The more you talk, the more you give yourself away".


"It's easy to get married; it's hard to be selective".


"A good song is better than a job well done because it can make more people happy".


"Intelligence will always outperform raw talent".


"Your ability to perform an activity you have never done before is exactly proportional to your level of overall confidence in your new abilities".


"When you talk to someone, you're either trying to help them or you're not".


"Buses don't always appear in the right lane".


"Prejudice is when you see color before content".


"It's hearing a good song every once in a while that makes all the difference".


"If you don't get what you really want, it's your own fault".


"Armies are just groups of innocent people".

Learning is Giving


"The more you learn about life, the smarter you become;

the more you know, the more you gain the admiration of others;

the more approval you get, the more doors will open for you;

the more opportunities you have, the more fulfilling your life becomes;

the happier you are, the more you can give to others"

"Though beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder, life itself certainly must be in the thoughts of the enlightened".


"It's not sex that sells, but symmetry".


"The primary purpose of government is to protect us from ourselves".


"If you pin your hopes on someone, you often wind up full of holes".


"The reason that college graduates are more highly sought by employers and generally earn more, is not because they may have learned more than those who never attended college; it is not due to their grade-point average or the value of their SAT scores; it is the mere fact that they were there, that they made the commitment from the beginning to take on the challenge that college promises, that they tackled head-on the responsibilities they knew would await them without any knowledge of what these would be, and that they ultimately completed what they started. It is what employers look for - those individuals who have passed through the educational fire and have come out unharmed and perhaps a little wiser".


"One of the best ways to improve the quality of your life is to live alone awhile".


"Kids are nice to visit, but you may not want to have them".


"The scapegoats of ignorance are God and genetics".


"An optimist is a person who thinks there will be a president worth voting for in his or her own lifetime".


"If you do not appreciate beauty, then you are not alive - beauty is symmetry, evenness, control".


"Even the tyrant abhors war, for war always brings instability".


"Thank God for the innocents, those that have never been burned; they're an inspiration to all of us".


"There is no comfort that can be found, that does not come from within".


"The best time to correct a mistake is right after you've made it".


"Gossiping is not an enriching experience; it emphasizes comparing yourself to others and is not recommended".


"Surviving the 90's: Keep your body lean and your holes clean!".


"Idealism is nourishment for the soul".


"The difference between confidence and arrogance is this: Confidence doesn't seek approval".


"It's always humbling to remember that anytime you think you've gotten away with something, you really haven't".


"When you're with a beautiful woman, always remember that love is more important than beauty".


"When you die, no one will care about what you did for a living, how much money you made while you were here, who you slept with, where you lived, how much time you spent with your family, or even how many friends you had...only whether you improved the quality of their life in some way".


"There's nothing quite as enduring or as painful as being ordinary".


"Sometimes whatever doesn't kill you...can really piss you off for a long time!".


"If the ailment is selfishness, then the antidote is volunteerism".


"Being a popular president does not necessarily make you a good president".


"There are no known disadvantages to learning something new".


"There are a lot of fish in the sea, but most of them will go after the same bait".


"The only thing you can do that has never been done before is to be yourself".


"In the modern age, the three favorite words for people who don't want to cook are cut to vent”.


"Most successful risk taking is more about planning than risk".


"As we throttle into a new century, it appears that the American manipulation rate is exceeded only by the survival instinct".


"In free societies, the heavy use of self-promotional advertising also qualifies as the best eroder of any other forms of information flow".


“Genetic manipulation, like murder, is never a justifiable act”.


“The more we try to control nature, the more offense is taken”.


“It’s not what you look like, it’s what you do”.


“Never has there been born an individual who has been universally liked or admired 100% of the time”.


“Severe self-sufficiency also comes with a price”.


“The intensity of the desire is the accelerant that produces the result”.


“It occurs to me that some of you out there may feel the need to lower your expectations a little bit:  if you are merely alive, then you are successful!”.



“A rainforest is one of the most self-expressive places on Earth”.


“Intimacy is one of the hardest things to be good at”.


Real love isn’t really hard to find – it’s just hard to keep”.


“Love without commitment is like war without pain”.


“Love is the ultimate compliment”.


“Cooperation, not competition, is the foundation for life as we know it”.


“Hockey is better than basketball because there’s no penalty for traveling”.


“There will never be a point in time when the world will tell an individual that their help is no longer needed.  There is much to be done”.


“Indeed, there is someone for everyone; there are no individuals so glaringly unique that a peer cannot be found somewhere in time”.


“No true love waits”.


“War is always the inevitable failure of diplomacy”.


“There can be no relationship without some element of commonality”.


“If a person’s true character must be judged, then let it be determined by the sum of the existence, not by a period when the individual is behaving “well”.


“If a government can’t be trusted, democracy cannot flourish, or even exist”.


“Engage and marry yourself, first”.


“In the United States, if you have any doubts about whether an advertiser’s dollar is more important than an actual emergency, watch a severe weather warning at the bottom of your television screen disappear into the abyss when a commercial comes on”.


“Solo travel is the ultimate reclamation project”.


“Love isn’t something you fall into, it’s something you acknowledge”.


“Always seek the best from others; if they treat you badly, realize that this is probably the best they can offer at that time”.


“You attract what you are”.


“Contemporary music is a society’s perfect cultural mirror”.


“For the truly misguided majority, there is hope: there are no inherently evil creatures, including humans, nor can they become so; there is only good, in all of its delightfully inspiring, and creatively misinterpreted expressions”.


“Better to love than be loved”.


“Of all creatures in existence, only humans distinguish between life and death”.


“No one has ever died from lack of exercise”.


“A love that’s begged for can never be true”.


“Being in love is really about recognizing yourself in someone else”.


“Wars over core religious beliefs are the most difficult to resolve because the attack is internalized”.


“Running for president is like being on a first date: you want to believe what you’re hearing is true, but it’s not something you may be able to count on later”.


“Peer pressure, the desire to conform, remains the number one regulator of human behavior worldwide”.


“Those who engage in war have more in common than might be apparent”.


“There is only lust at first sight – love requires knowledge”.


“Many people think that if everyone was like them, the world would be a better place to live in – in actuality, nothing could be further from the truth”.


“If you’re not going to give less, why settle for less?”.


“You can’t anticipate what you don’t precipitate”.


“Historically, the deeply religious have suffered the most and understood the least”.


“As ignorance wanes, so does anxiety”.


“If you are famous, you are never really free; indeed, the more well-known you are, the less independent you become”.


“A natural fear of the unknown is not natural”.


“Cultural immersion through leisure traveling cannot help but increase personal tolerance”.


“No life, whether brief or lengthy, interesting or dull, is ever “wasted” – freedom to choose one’s path is always the default setting”.


“No one is ever prepared for their first rejection”.


“Eating more sugar does not make you sweeter”.


“We are all victims of ourselves – we create our lives in a detailed fashion, then rail against what we have made”.


“In dreams you find out who you really are, not who you think you are”.


“At the very least, technology can always embrace us with innovations we never knew we couldn’t live without”.


“For most, television, once an enjoyable and relaxing venue, has transformed into an endless, unsolicited advertisement, interrupted only by occasional, short, programming sound bites.


“The happiest people are the least manipulated ones”.


“Dictators are always insecure, constantly afraid of losing the power and influence they have gained, but even more afraid of being held responsible for their behavior, and ultimately losing their freedom”.


“It’s not ‘Life is short, and then you die’, it’s Life continues, then you understand’.


“Most people don't need a computer car to go from A to B; if you want a computer in your car, bring along your smartphone or laptop”.


“True love can never be unacknowledged”.


“From taking a bullet for ignoring you - love's often unfortunate path”.


“Sports commentators are especially useful if you are blind or ignorant”.


“Do what others do and become them, not you”.


“Autocrats always hate viewer participation”.


“Attractiveness accelerates the immigration process”.





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